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Menu Items for Japanese cooking lessons

Teppan-yaki course  New!!



Sushi hand rolls with your choice of filling 

Sushi hand rolls is our most popular menu. You can use a range of fillings such as cooked tuna, smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, egg omelette and Teriyaki chicken. You can learn how to season rice, to prepare fillings and most importantly to roll a perfect sushi roll. Take a look our photo gallery of  amazing sushi hand rolls created by students at one workshop.

Japanese gyoza dumplings (chicken, pork, tofu or prawn)

Melbourne's most delicious home-made dumplings made of a few simple ingredients. You can choose using pre-maid pastry or making own gyoza dumpling pastry from scratch. Home-made wrap dumpling is considered as 2 dishes as this is quite time-consuming.  

Teriyaki Chicken/Salmon/Tofu (grilled chicken/salmon/Tofu with sweet soy sauce)

Teriyaki sauce is very popular not only in Melbourne but also all over the world. The sauce can be made of a few ingredients.

  • Sukiyaki (Thin sliced beef and Asian vegies in sweet soy sauce soup)

  • Zarusoba/Somen (Cold Japanese buckwheat/udon noodles with soy sauce based dipping sauce)  

  • Karaage (Japanese style deep-fried chicken)

  • Tempura (Japanese style deep-fried prawns and/or vegies)

  • Oyako don (scramble egg and chicken with sweet soy sauce on rice)

  • Katsu don   (scramble egg with pork schnitzel with sweet soy sauce  on rice)

  • Kono-ha don   (scramble egg with shiitake mushrooms sweet soy sauce  on rice)

  • Gyu Don (Thin sliced beef with sweet soy sauce on rice)

  • Yakitori (chicken and vegetable skewer with sweet soy sauce)  



  • Chinese style cold chicken salad with creamy sesame dressing

  • Okonomiyaki (Japanese style savoury pancake with cabbage and your choice of filling topped with sweet sauce and Japanese mayonnaise)

  • Age-dashi Tofu (deep-fried Tofu in sweet soy sauce)

  • Miso siru (Soy bean paste soup with your choice of ingredients)

  • Suno-mono (Japanese style cucumber appetizer with sweet vinegar)

  • Tamago-yaki (Japanese style omelette  with dashi stock)

  • Goma-ae( beans or spinach drizzled with Japanese style sesame and soy sauce dressing)

  • Nasu-dengaku (Grilled eggplant with sweet miso sauce)

  • Soba Noodle Salad with sesame and soy sauce based dressing.



  • Kasutera (Japanese style sweat moist cake, honey or green tea favoured)

  • Baked cheese cake (lemon or green tea flavoured)

  • Agar Agar Jelly with fruits or cream (gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian )

  • Sticky rice balls with sweat soy sauce. (gluten free)

  • Daifuku (Rice cake filled with sweet red bean paste) Gluten free

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