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Sample shopping list for Sushi for a small group


Sushi rice

   1kg of medium grain rice or sushi rice

   10-20 sushi seaweed sheets available at the Asian food section in major supermarkets (One pack usually contains 10 sheets, 1 sheet make 2 regular sushi rolls)

   500ml or more Japanese soy sauce (Kikkoman, yamasa or obento bland available at the sauce section in major supermarkets.)

   1 bottle (250 ml) of Sushi seasoning vinegar  available at Asian food section in major super markets. “Obento” bland, green labeled bottle. Alternatively, you can make it from rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

   1 small bottle of mirin/mirin seasoning (purchase when you want to make Teriyaki sauce, available at Asian food section in major super markets. Obento bland, light blue labeled bottle)



Sushi fillings

These are optional fillings; you do not need to buy all of them. You can also adjust amount according to your guests’ dietary needs or your budget.

   1 continental cucumber

   2-3 avocados

   500g or more your choice of seafood (smoked salmon, crab flavored seafood mix/sticks, cooked prawns, cooked can of tuna, raw fish fillets etc)

Please note, If you wish to use raw fish fillets, please purchase sushi/sashimi grade fillets from good seafood shop.

   1 carrot

    500g or more chicken thigh fillets (for Teriyaki)

   1 pack of pickled ginger (optional, available at Asian food section in major super markets.)

   1 pack of Wasabi (optional, available at Asian food section in major super markets)


Kitchen items

   Sushi mats for each participant, available $1.50 each in the Asian food section in major supermarkets.

   2-3  steak knives or sharp knives to cut sushi rolls

   2-3 large shallow containers/dishes/platter to spread cooked rice and cool down.

   Disposal plastic gloves for each participant (optional).


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